Two pillars of patient safety are good clinical care and sound medical principles. However, it begins and ends with communication. Whether it's the physician, patient, or family, open communication from all parties allows for the best possible care and thus the safest care.
Brian Smith, M.D.

Why use Connect &Care?

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Healthcare is a complex issue. There are so many details that go into what may appear to be a simple interaction with any part of the healthcare system. A visit to your doctor, getting lab work done, a surgical procedure, or worse, an admission to the hospital.
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Staying healthy should be an important part of everyone’s life. There is plenty of evidence to support that patients who are engaged in their own healthcare enjoy better outcomes. Connect & Care provides multiple tools that make being engaged easy.

Connect & Care is the solution to many of the problems plaguing Healthcare today!

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    Hospitalized patients have no single physician in charge of their care

    Anytime you’re a patient in a hospital there are so many people involved in your care that go in and out of your room that it’s hard to know who is who, what they’re responsible for, and to whom they report. Connect & Care makes sure that someone is responsible for your care, you understand everyone’s role, and you remain the focus of their efforts.
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    A Requirement to Reduce Readmissions

    The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services penalizes hospitals if patients are readmitted. The problem is that hospitals focus on the disease and not the reason the patient was re-admitted. Connect & Care is unique because we take a comprehensive approach and ensure that the patient and the disease is appropriately addressed.
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    Recasting Readmissions by Placing the Hospital Role in Community Context

    One of the solutions considered for solving readmissions is keeping hospital care in a Community Context. The fundamental component to this care model is communication and ensuring that patients, families, and providers continue to take care of the patient as if they were still in the hospital. Connect & Care allows the care transitions and the dialogue surrounding the patient to continue.
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    Project shows gains of coordinated care

    There is ample evidence to show that when hospitals, providers, and community services work together to coordinate patient care through the entire care journey from admission, to their discharge and recovery process, the patient’s have better outcomes. Connect & Care has the tools to maintain high levels of coordinated care throughout the healthcare process, thus resulting in better care, higher quality care, and less expensive care.
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    Effect of Lifestyle-Focused Text Messaging on Risk Factor Modification in Patients With Coronary Heart Disease

    The use of Text Messaging technology can help patients reduce their heart disease risk factors. Facilitated communication using an electronic platform can likely result in similar patient benefits. Connect & Care has multi-modal communication tools that can be deployed to keep patients healthy.
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    AHRQ calls for improvement in quality reporting sites

    The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality has been calling for improvement in websites that can report quality.  Connect & Care contains tools within the platform for patients and providers to record all types of information. Connect & Care is built on a BIG DATA architecture, so it can record, report and link to other quality measures.
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    Readers Digest Article

    A touching article about a son who was overwhelmed by the healthcare system while trying to take care of his father after his diagnosis of lung cancer. Connect & Care helps patent’s and families stay informed, and empowers them to get the information they need. We also have Healthcare Navigators to assist with understanding their questions about their healthcare and understanding the next steps in their care journey.
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    An Important Headline

    Numerous government organizations are encouraging physicians to report patient safety events. Up to this point in medicine, there has always been reluctance. Connect & Care has a specific patient safety event reporting tool that uses the same governmental standards to record adverse event data, near miss data in unsafe conditions. These forms can be filled out by anyone taking care of the patient. Patients and families can also complete these forms, adding another layer to address potential care concerns before they become a serious event.
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    Mostashari to vendors: 'Step up' on patient safety and reporting

    Government leaders have asked electronic health record companies to improve their safety reporting. At Connect & Care, we think safety reporting is everyone’s job and believe that patients and families are key participants. They provide unbiased questions about care delivery and can improve accountability right from the start.