As the Employer

Your employees need more than just health insurance - they need a dedicated resource to guide them during their healthcare journey

By deploying Connect & Care alongside your health insurance, our team of experts will eliminate the confusion, help avoid missteps and mistakes, decrease the inefficiencies and ensure a smooth recovery so that when your employee returns back to work, they do so in the highest capacity.

For the Employee

Providing your employees health insurance is the first step in maintaining a healthy and productive workforce. However, it is oftentimes more confusing and convoluted for your employees to navigate the healthcare roadmap. At any point along their healthcare journey there are mistakes, missteps, inefficiencies and a whole host of other obstacles that can make even the smallest healthcare event an obstacle that is difficult to navigate.

Ask these questions about your health plan.....

If your response to any or even a few of these questions is "No" or "Not really" or "I don't know" — you need Connect & Care!

  • Are you satisfied with your existing health plan and how it is being managed?
  • Do you have a dedicated team of medical experts involved?
  • Are the programs in your health plan being managed by a SINGLE vendor?
  • Are you satisfied with the ROI for your healthcare spend?
  • Do you feel that the your Employees' healthcare needs are being met?
  • Do you get data reports and then ask: "So what is being done about this?
  • Are your vendors providing you with healthcare spending data and then outlining a strategy or action plan?
  • Has your wellness program generated real ROI?
  • Are your present vendors actually conducting a coordinated care program?
  • Has any vendor/broker/TPA actually reduced your healthcare spend?
  • Is your pharmacy vendor conducting Medication Therapy Management?
  • Have the healthcare events that are supposed to be affected by your wellness programs declined?
  • Have your disease management programs improved the health of your employees?
  • Are your employees really getting care coordination or care nagivation?
  • Are your employees telling you that your vendors are supporting them with real healthcare advocacy?
Our experts at Connect & Care can ensure optimal plan delivery parameters as we provide medical necessity oversight of healthcare resource utilization, benefit guidance and plan design analytics, and can provide specialized consulting and customized solutions for your health plan.
By monitoring and scrutinizing the delivery of healthcare programs offered by commercial insurance providers, we ensure the appropriateness, efficiency, and ultimately reduce the overall cost of medical spend for you and your employees.
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