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Empower individuals to use data to collaborate and achieve better health, improve the quality of care, reduce errors and lower healthcare costs

Healthcare Navigation

  • Having all the information in one place is critical, BUT knowing what should be done or can be done with the information is more problematic
  • Connect & Care has the expertise, the tools and the right personnel to ensure that your healthcare journey stays on course
  • Our Care Navigation and Care Advocacy services are unparalleled and will ensure shared decision-making, while maximizing the quality and safety of care

Your Data - One Resource

  • Healthcare data is abundant, but traditionally it has been in silos, and not easily or rapidly accessible
  • Relevant clinical information is stored on a secure, HIPAA-compliant platform for easy access and actionable care navigation
  • Complete integration with any external data source including EHRs, CCDs, and devices yielding Patient-generated Data (PGD) including wearable devices or health monitoring devices

If Connect & Care were used across the country, more than 90% of medical errors could be avoided
Chuck Lauer, Former Editor of Modern Healthcare and Author, Speaker and Career Coach


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