Connect & Care ensures that your health and healthcare needs stay focused on you. We provide attentive, service-focused, comprehensive care and an evidence-based approach to your health, wellness, prevention and any existing conditions.

Connect & Care – it's like having a doctor in the family!

Lee P. Slavin, MD

Connect & Care delivers comprehensive medical and medication therapy management services to its clients. We redefine patient care– access, experience, trust, shared decision-making and engagement lead to better health.

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You are unique and your healthcare should be too. Connect & Care is patient-centric care – it focuses on you.
Preventive healthcare, wellness, or chronic condition management needs receive tailored strategies with exceptional results.


Access to services is available 24/7, supported by mobile technology, includes outpatient and inpatient care, and is not geographically restricted. Your health information is available, whenever you need it.

Care Navigation

The cornerstone of good care is receiving the right care in the right setting to obtain the best outcome. These decisions require expertise in site of care delivery, quality metrics, and resource utilization.


Your existing health or care needs are matched against established quality metrics and evidence-based clinical guidelines.

Your Connect & Care Team includes:

Physicians (representation from each of 24 specialties), Nurse Case Managers, Pharmacists, Psychologists, Certified Health Coaches, Nutritional Therapists, Rehabilitation Specialists, and Care Coordinators.


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